Breathing Strength for Fertility

Breathing Strength for Fertility

  • August 10, 2015

When doing an aspiration meditation practice, center yourself into a relaxed yet alert posture that embodies a state of openness, like a lotus floating on the surface of a pond. As you silently repeat each word or phrase, breathe into and out from your heart, so the words come directly from your solar plexus. Repeat the phrases, penetrating the heart center ever more deeply. When doing an aspiration informal mindfulness practice, sprinkle the intentions of wisdom and compassion throughout the day. This may be when confronting a distressing inner state or outer experience or whenever inspired to invite messages of healing and renewal.

This post is part of a series. If you haven’t already, please read my introduction to the “Fertility Aspiration Practices“.

Fertile Aspiration Practice
Synchronize your in breath and out breath with each word, inviting these intentions of well-wishing to sink ever more deeply into your heart:

Breathing in curiosity. Breathing out exploration.
Breathing in strength.  Breathing out endurance.
Breathing in possibility.  Breathing out resilience.

“The shortest route between A and B is not necessarily the most direct or best route and you find what you weren’t looking for.”
-Janetti Marotta