Breath Work as Medicine

Breath Work as Medicine

  • July 25, 2016

“Breath work has been revered through the ages as potent medicine for calming the mind and body. When you consistently breathe from your belly, you change patterns in your nervous system and in your mind. Abdominal breathing stimulates your hypothalamus, the “command center” of your brain—in response, your hypothalamus sends messages throughout your body that create a cascade of calming effects, influencing such vital functions as blood pressure, heart rate, and airways in the lungs.” (Marotta, 2014, 22)

The breath is our natural healing source.  When feeling lost or anxious, you can count on the breath to take you home to yourself.  Ask yourself:  “Do I connect with the breath to calm, soothe, or feel connected or do I loose myself in runaway thoughts and whirling emotions?”

To bring abdominal breathing into the day, try this informal breath reminder practice called FELT, an acronym for Feel Every Loving Touch. Cut a piece of felt into several small hearts and place them where your attention is often drawn i.e. on your laptop or cell phone.  Both on a regular basis and when feeling stressed, hold or rub your piece of felt.  As you take a few long, deep abdominal breaths, Feel Every Loving Touch.

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