Infertility and its treatment is considered a life crisis because every area of life is impacted: your relationship with your partner, family and friends, career, finances, even a sense of self. Feelings of loss of control are not uncommon because effort does not equate with success. Infertility is a medical condition, but experienced as a “redefinition of self,” challenging one’s identity of what it means to be a man or woman.


  • Individual and couples counseling to work with difficulty becoming pregnant, pregnancy loss, fertility treatment, holistic approaches, and family building options.

Consultations and Evaluations

  • Intended Parents Consultations for Egg/Sperm/Embryo Donation & Surrogacy.
  • Evaluations for Egg Donors & Surrogates (to meet agency requirements).

Fertility Stress-Reduction Groups, Retreats, and Seminars

  • Stress Reduction for Fertility 8-Week and 1-Day Programs combine group support with mindfulness-based practices and strategies to maximize fertile health, wellness, and coping. Call-in support groups and seminars are presented at no-charge. Programs offered through Palo Alto Medical Foundation Fertility Physicians of Northern California. For information, preliminary research, testimonials, and registration visit The Fertility Physicians of Northern California Mind-Body Program page.

Stress-Reduction for Fertility Program (8-Week Program) Testimonials

“If you are struggling with infertility, this workshop is invaluable! It will help you restore yourself, your heart, your outlook, and give you strength and tools to continue on this heartbreaking journey. It was worth every single penny and in a way, it saved my life!” —Anon

“This program is wonderful. I think this program is the most meaningful, important experience of my life. I really thank you to my instructor. She is the most wonderful person I met. I was so encouraged. Thank you.” —Anon

“I started the program with lots of unanswered questions about my fertility and almost 3 years of trying to get pregnant. Here I found the home I’d been missing for my heavy heart, fear and anxiety that I couldn’t have a child. Sharing the journey with other women who understood the particular pain of infertility and want to have balance and happiness and laughter back in their lives has been inspiring. Janetti was our fearless, wise and compassionate leader – showing us our great strength and ability to heal ourselves. I emerge on the other side better equipped to weather this stormy journey and with the conviction that my partner and I will have a family. Thank you.” —J.S.R.

“I suffered for over three years from secondary infertility. I had multiple losses and was in a state of despair over my desire to have another child. It was difficult for me to find people who understood the pain my husband and I felt until I met Janetti Marotta and signed up for FPNC’s 8 Week Program. If it were not for the group, I do not believe I would have had the strength to continue in my path to have another child. I found a community of people who understood my pain. We emailed each other late at night and cheered each other on. We continued to meet for dinners, and eventually baby showers, and to cry over failed cycles. The group understood me in ways my other friends and family could not. Because I had support, I continued down my difficult path and am thrilled to say I have a 7 month old baby boy asleep in the other room. I highly recommend connecting with other people who understand the pain of infertility. The mindfulness training has helped me in all areas of my life as well. Thanks to FPNC for offering the support I needed to persevere.” —Anon

“The Mind-Body Program with Janetti has been extremely helpful to me in maintaining my sanity throughout this fertility journey. She has helped me to look at this process in a different, more positive way. Coming to the place of needing fertility treatments was never something I planned or wanted to do. Participating in the program has helped me come to peace with my decisions for treatment and the possibilities of having non-genetic children. It is a challenging journey, but I have come to see the benefits and growth opportunities which are inherent to the process.” —Anon

“It was a great experience for me. The instructor (group leader) Janetti is truly wonderful. She not only taught us how to relax, how to reduce stress and have a positive attitude towards infertility, but also showed us different alternatives for infertility. She opened my mind for adoption and other possibilities. I’m really grateful for her.” —Anon

“This program helped me find the value of myself again. I learned and accepted that I am more than my fertility treatments. I also benefited from meeting other women in my situation.” —Anon

“Janetti is a gifted teacher and guide. Her teachings and practices have truly helped me with my fertility issues and with life in general.” —Anon

“I’m a different person than I was at the beginning. I had no idea I could be so poised and comfortable while going through an IVF cycle that was always at the risk of being cancelled. Highly recommended!” —Anon

“I got so much out of this program in the form of knowledge, support, feeling good about myself, and building friendships than I ever thought was even possible. It’s a wonderful (treatment) component and highly recommended for anyone dealing with fertility issues. I loved the poems, meditations, the rituals, the husbands coming, and the panel was a great eye-opening experience. Janetti is a wonderful teacher with a deeply caring soul.” —Anon

Stress-Reduction for Fertility Program (1-Day Program) Testimonials

“It has helped me to look at my problems in a different way. One that is less painful, and more full of hope.” —Anon

“This retreat was exactly what I needed to not feel alone… to feel like what I’m going through is “normal” in some way.” —Anon

“Great instructor and great group. Today changed my outlook on this process from negative to positive. I am leaving much less stressed than when I arrived. I am very glad we attended!” —Anon

“The 1-Day Program is a wonderfully safe, intimate, and caring workshop that provides the tools towards acceptance and living in the present without fear or regret. I recommend this workshop for anyone going through fertility treatment.” —Anon

“Everyone who intends to get pregnant should go to this workshop—it’s invaluable!” —Anon

“I think that Janetti’s experience with infertility was very helpful with her understanding of the group members. Her knowledge, kindness, and expertise were very important and vital to the success of the group. Also, it’s apparent that Janetti really listens to people and cares about people.” —Anon

“I found this program invaluable. Janetti has great teaching skills and the ability to bring out the best in people. It was very enjoyable and a great learning experience.” —Anon

“The group helped me so much decide what to do and gave me the strength and the courage to do it. Now we wait and hope for a full term pregnancy and healthy delivery.” —T.K.