Family and Relationship

Relationships can be extremely challenging and as such are arenas for tremendous growth. Inevitable difficulties in relationships ensue when unfinished issues are projected onto others.

  • Counseling to improve communication, create healthy dynamics, and deepen intimacy; explore ambivalence and conflicts with commitment; work with issues of separation, divorce, co-parenting; understand issues of co-dependency; investigate unresolved issues related to family of origin.

Work and Career

Work and career is often linked to identity or self-image. It is not uncommon to struggle with feelings of competence and self-esteem, job security, work/home balance, dissatisfaction and burn-out, or boss/colleague conflicts.

  • Counseling to explore career or work concerns; learn stress-reduction skills; consider career alternatives; find satisfaction and meaning in your work.

Depression, Anxiety & Stress/Grief & Loss/Life Transitions

God enters through the wound” is a Jungian phrase that beautifully describes the potential of the human spirit to rise out of despair. It is through deep emotions that a pathway to healing is forged. When your coping mechanisms are ineffective, deep change is possible. From ancient Chinese wisdom comes the expression: “crisis is opportunity.”

  • Counseling to work with life transitions such as marriage, parenthood, and divorce; midlife, existential, and spiritual crises; older age, health challenges, grief and loss.