• February 13, 2017

Equanimity is the spaciousness of a still and balanced mind, a mind that can weather life’s ups and downs. With the balance of equanimity, you can “be with” what is, without trying to change it to fit your needs and expectations.(Marotta 2013, 134).

Ask yourself: Do I want to permanently feel the “joys” of pleasure, gain, praise, and fame and avoid the “sorrows” of pain, loss, blame, and disrepute or do I step back, not personalize and notice that emotions, like thoughts, arise and pass?

Cultivate Equanimity. When feeling the “joys” of pleasure, gain, praise, and fame and the “sorrows” of pain, loss, blame, and disrepute, notice how they come and go and do not define who you are — do not “belong” to you.

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