Finding Gratitude in the Breath

Finding Gratitude in the Breath

  • August 8, 2016

“When you find gratitude in your breath, you connect to this life force and the good fortune of being alive. You see life as a miracle and embrace that which is “us.” Though each of us is unique, we are interconnected. Breaking down the barriers between you and others frees you from the need to be in competition with them. The breath is part of our common humanity—our inherent connection to one another” (Marotta, 2014, 29).

From a Buddhist perspective, everything we do begins with intention or aspiration.   Expressing intentions of well-beings helps us move closer to what we fear or what we aspire toward.   Ask yourself: “What is my heart’s desire?  What is it I hold most dear?”

In this Aspiration Meditation, find a comfortable position and gently close your eyes.  Bring light attention to the breath, as you feel breath sensations in the body, riding on the wave of the in breath and riding on the wave of the out breath.  As you breathe in long, deep breaths, say to yourself, Peace.  As you breathe out say to yourself Calm.  With each breath affirmation open ever more deeply to the sense of peace and calm. When fully internalized, breathe in and breathe out whatever intentions of well-being you wish to cultivate, savoring each aspiration and carrying them into your day.

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