• March 24, 2014

Loving-kindness means having intentions of well-wishing and the capacity to bring joy and happiness to yourself and others. When you wish yourself well, you’re able to better hold difficult emotions. You “re-mind” yourself that you’re already whole and complete and worthy of giving and receiving love.
–Janetti Marotta in 50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem

The Yolk to the Egg

Little baby not yet born.
Pulsating to the rhythm
Of your mama’s heartbeat.
Afloat in the ocean of life
Within the womb.

The pure and simple
Oneness and separateness.
Your being and hers.
The yolk to the egg.

You are the essence of being.
Separate from thoughts or visions
Or fantasies outside the now.
The beat of the distant drummer.
The hoot of the owl.

Life in a clear pool of
Non-awareness of awareness.
Understanding nothing and everything.
The origin of movement and quietude.
The soul of yin and yang.

Little baby not yet born.

-Janetti Marotta

Mindful Noting Practice: Loving-kindness
When you cultivate the qualities for mindful self-esteem, you plant the seed of loving-kindness. Start by recognizing when you lose sight of the many experiences you have during the day you determine to be positive and instead glom onto the few experiences you determine to be negative. Note how this impacts your emotional “tone” or “state.”

Offer intentions of loving-kindness by sending yourself well-wishes. Infuse yourself with these intentions of loving-kindness:
May I be safe.
May I be healthy.
May I be happy.
May I live with ease of well-being.

“Life is short. Time is fleeting.
Uncover the True Nature.
Purify the mind and heart
To attain happiness.
Be kind; be compassionate
Be generous; do good.
Concentrate. Understand. Awaken.”
-Master Chin Kung

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