Meditation on the Body

Meditation on the Body

  • September 26, 2016

When you bring your attention to your body and your sensory experience, you learn how to “work with” both physical and emotional “dis-ease.” “Being with” your body as it is and understanding how to “work with” pain and discomfort establishes a deep intimacy.(Marotta 2014, 37).

Ask yourself: “What physical pain in particular do I resist—fight against, wish wasn’t there, ignore, or judge?” “Can I acknowledge the sensation and soften around it—make room for the sensation to run its course or simply be?”

For this mini meditation on the body practice, sit up or lie down in a relaxed, alert position with your eyes closed. Arrive to the present moment by following the breath waves, feeling the in breath and the out breath in the body. Once your mind settles, when you notice a body sensation, steer toward the sensation. Imagine breathing into and out from the sensation, making room for the sensation to run its course or simply be. When the mind wands, gently bring it back to the object of attention—body sensations. At any time if the sensation becomes too intense, just return to the breath to calm and settle.

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