• December 19, 2016

“Acceptance is a state of open receptivity, a willingness to invite in even the most unwelcome guests, and an ability to turn toward that which you resist. The more you embrace suffering and come to know it, the less you’re compulsively driven by avoiding it. You experience a certain “lightness of being.” Paradoxically, you move toward discomfort, rather than away, in order to break free” (Marotta 2013, 101)

Ask yourself: “Do I find myself resisting by clinging to what I want, fighting against what I don’t want, or ignoring what I don’t want to know or do I turn toward that which I resist so I can “be with” what’s happening?”

Mindful Observation—Acceptance. Notice when you are clinging, avoiding, or in delusion (hiding your head in the sand). Make a mental note Resisting, then allow yourself to be with what is happening and move toward that which you resist.

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