Trust as Self-Reliance

Trust as Self-Reliance

  • January 2, 2017

“Trust as self-reliance means trusting yourself and your feelings rather than looking outside yourself for what’s true. It means honoring and taking full personal responsibility for your feelings and intuitions and having the willingness to make mistakes along the way. It means believing in your inner wisdom. When you operate from a place of trust, your understanding of yourself comes from your own direct experience rather than through concepts or constructs as taught by others” (Marotta 2013, 117).

Ask yourself: “Do I hold tight to my ego—assumptions and beliefs about who I am or need to be that confirm feelings of ‘not measuring up’ or do I recognize that my inherent worth is good and pure and I am whole and complete with all my inadequacies and insecurities?”

Mindful Observation—Trust as self-reliance. Notice when you are looking for measures of success or approval outside yourself to prove your worth and defining yourself with assumptions of who you are or need to be. Make a mental note Ego, then invite your Buddha Nature or original goodness to arise.

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