Mindful Self-Esteem

Mindful Self-Esteem

  • May 8, 2017

With the wakefulness of mindfulness, you become aware of how acceptance allows you to expand, while fear and insecurity cause you to contract. You acknowledge the futility of resisting the changing nature of the waves and currents of your mind. With the warmth of compassion, you soften your heart and relax into the fearless knowing of your whole self: your perfection within your imperfection. You don’t push against the tide to become anyone other than who you already are.(Marotta 2013, 195).

Ask yourself: “Who am I, really? What belongs to me? What do I really need to protect and defend? Is it true that I never measure up—that what I do is never good enough? What is this endless pursuit of self-esteem?(Marotta 2013, 196).

Mindful Self-Esteem. Continue on this journey of mindful self-esteem that unfolds and arises from the qualities of acceptance, compassion, and a virtuous life.

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