Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga

  • October 10, 2016

Yoga, meaning “to integrate” in Sanskrit, reestablishes the union and balance of mind and body. Through postures, yoga corrects learned patterns stored in the “memory of the body” and the “muscles of the mind.” There are upside-down, twisted, contorted, stretching, and balancing postures. As you learn how to move into and out of these challenging positions, you gain insight on how you get into and out of entanglements of the mind.(Marotta 2014, 45-46).

As you engage in yoga postures, ask yourself: “How do I get stuck and how can I break free?” As you go about your day, ask yourself: “How does what I learned through the practice of yoga apply to how I move through daily life?”

To release tension and tightness in the spine and encourage flexibility, try this helpful yoga posture called “cat-cow.” Begin by placing your hands and knees on the floor with your back flat like a tabletop. 1. As you inhale, raise your head and tailbone up as the belly lowers into sagging cow. Observe sensations. 2. As you exhale, drop your head and tailbone, while your back curves up into Halloween cat. Observe sensations. 3. Repeat at your own pace, moving with the rhythm of the breath–inhaling into sagging cow, exhaling into Halloween cat.

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