To Be Lost

To Be Lost

  • August 14, 2017


A child wept.
Her eyes wet
With fallen rain of sorrow.

Fill my heart
With your warmth,
Not my eyes
With empty tears,
She echoed.

As she buried her head
In the naked cave
Carved by her arms.
So cold she was
In the night circle.

Why can’t you be here
With me now, mama?
When I need you
Now, mama?

When the meadow grass grows tall
And waves in the wind,
As I motion to call you over
To dance with me,
And feel the sun touch our spirits together.

Mama, I want you!
Don’t say you’ll get rid of me.
Don’t say I don’t have time for you.
Don’t say later or never

Can you hear the branches swaying?
The frogs in the creek singing?
Why can’t you hear my heart beating?
A child is lost.

Lost only until she has not found…
Mama in the heart.
Mama in the soul.
Mama in the spirit
Of all earth’s people.

The same mama is within us all.
Call her.
She will answer.

I am you my child.
Keeper of the heart.
Prayer of the soul.
Youth of the spirit.

Fly with open wings
To the land that is here.
To the place
That’s called home.

– Janetti Marotta

How do you understand the phrase: To the place that’s called home?

Is there a part of you that feels lost? If so, what is it? Can you sense a place called home?

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