Right Action

Right Action

  • April 17, 2017

Second on the list of virtue practices is right action: acting without causing harm to yourself or others by means of judgmental thoughts and emotional needs… While interpersonal dynamics are a 50/50 operation, you take 100 percent responsibility for your share of the action.(Marotta 2013, 185).

Ask yourself: “Am I causing suffering, or am I causing non-suffering?” In other words, is how you’re treating yourself and others guided by your values?

Cultivate Right Action. Pay attention to living a life of right action as guided by the five precepts. Refrain from: 1. harming, 2. stealing or taking what’s not given, 3. misbehaving sexually, 4. causing harm through speech, and 5. indulging in intoxicants, including unhealthy food and entertainment.

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