Letting Go vs. Holding On

Letting Go vs. Holding On

  • June 30, 2014

Paradox of Infertility. A near-universal experience of infertility is the feeling of being “out of control.” The world is broken. What has always worked, no longer does. Trying harder brings greater failure. We are in a fight for our lives, but we don’t know the rules. At every turn, we are asked to let go. While the answers to having and maintaining control exist outside yourself, the answers to relinquishing control can be found only within yourself. Jungians say: “God enters through the wound.”

If you haven’t already, please read my introduction to the Paradoxes of Infertility.

Buddhist Paradox. Mindfulness paradoxically encourages you to move toward that which is distressing rather than away in order to be released. Mindfulness is to unconditionally welcome whatever is here. At every turn, you are invited to let go, let go, let go. You learn to surrender control not by trying to change the situation, or even yourself, but rather by changing your relationship to what is occurring, and working from here. When you accept things as they are, you are better able to assess yourself and the situation, understand choices, and take wise action.

Challenge your Assumption. In a journal entry, inquire into this question: Is your child born from your womb, or born from your heart?

“God enters through the wound.”

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