Welcoming It All

Welcoming It All

  • November 11, 2013

Mindfulness starts from the perspective that most of our mental suffering comes from the beliefs we have, and how tightly we hold them. When you see thoughts as simply “mental formations,” they are like clouds in the sky, appearing and disappearing leaving no trace. By experiencing these thoughts from a detached witnessed perspective, you dis-identify with them, and see thoughts as events not facts. The objective is not to get rid of thoughts, but to learn to see thoughts skillfully.

The hope is that you choose to create time and space for being a partner in healing yourself. It’s difficult, but it’s possible. Accepting “what is,” may seem impossible, but you can begin with acknowledging it: “Hello, my sadness, I know you well!” By giving yourself the opportunity to feel what is here, even the sorrows, and learning to take care of yourself with mindfulness practices, you make a space where you can heal.

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