The Paradox of Mindfulness: Loving the Questions

The Paradox of Mindfulness: Loving the Questions

  • September 23, 2013

Sometimes life places us at a juncture. Do you hold on to what you have, even when it doesn’t seem to help, or do you let go and move on? Large and small personal junctures occur and reoccur, and carry the potential to shift the course of your life. Being at these junctures often takes on the character of a wrestling match between the rational versus the emotional or the logical versus the intuitive.

When nearing these junctures, confusion, doubt, guilt, and an array of emotions leave you vulnerable. Yet, ironically, this time of vulnerability is also a time of tremendous courage. In daring to venture, you chart a course that leads from the known to the unknown, with a way of being that is built upon trust, (rather than fear) and awareness(rather than control). From this perspective you are invited to let go and move from the heart.

Mindfulness creates a sense of spaciousness so the mind can be open and able to contain all things without limitation. Mindfulness is met with an attitude of curiosity, as experiencing life without judgment opens the venue to exploration and discovery. You aren’t driven to find solutions and reach the goal to be okay. Rather, you’re inclined to ask questions and engage in the process to develop understanding and insight. You uncover the paradox: The questions are more important than the answers.

The questions
are more important
than the answers

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