Three Truths Haiku

Three Truths Haiku

  • February 1, 2016

Impermanence, and No Self.
Reality speaks.
-Janetti Marotta

This post is part of my Haiku series. If you haven’t already, please read my “Introduction to Haiku” post.

Short practice:
According to the Buddha, our resistance to the three truths of reality causes mental suffering. We believe life should be free of suffering, and when it’s not we’re dissatisfied and say: “It’s not fair.” “This shouldn’t be happening.” “Why me?” We believe that everything should stay the same. When we have all our ducks in a row, we want them to remain in alignment and not waddle away. We build ourselves around a series of assumptions on how we should or shouldn’t be. This is our ego to defend and protect. Notice when you’re fighting against the three truths of reality: dukka—suffering; anicca—impermanence; and anatta—no self. Meet your resistance with acceptance, meaning being with what is. If you notice resistance to dukka, say: “This is dukkha. Let me know this is part of life.” If you notice resistance to anicca, say: “This is anicca. Let me know the only thing permanent is impermanence.” If you notice resistance to anatta, say: “This is anatta. Let me recognize self as an ever fluctuating flow of events.

“Dukka, anicca, anatta. The three truths of reality. Dissatisfaction, impermanence, no self.”
-Janetti Marotta

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