Ephemeral Haiku

Ephemeral Haiku

  • October 5, 2015

Translucent snowflakes.
Descendants of time and space.
All ephemeral.
-Janetti Marotta

This post is part of my Haiku series. If you haven’t already, please read my “Introduction to Haiku” post.

Short practice:
We lose our true connection to life by experiencing ourselves as separate and distinct from others and all that is around us.  Buddha’s third truth of reality is the concept of anatta or “no self.”  We have a need to hold tight to a fixed or solid state or identity, but in truth we are constantly changing:  an ever fluctuating flow of events.  Experiencing ourselves as part of the dynamic nature of life shifts perspective from seeing objects (nouns) to sensing energy (verbs).  This places attention away from the situation or problem and onto how you’re relating to what is occurring.  Placing attention to how you are relating to what’s happening fosters knowing what you can and can’t change and an ability to take action. As you go about your day, place attention on how you’re relating to your experience.

“Life is a verb.”
-Janetti Marotta

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