Grounding in the Body

Grounding in the Body

  • September 19, 2016

A self-esteem based on external measurement affects not only your mind, but also the way you relate to your body. At one extreme, your attention may be toward body image, appearance, and sexual attraction; you may view your body as a commodity, to be manicured, styled, and dressed. At the other extreme, your body may be starved for attention; you may devalue appearance, diet, exercise, and sleep, with the result that your overall health and well-being fall to the wind.(Marotta 2014, 32).

Mindfulness is considered an “embodied practice” as attention focuses on how the body responds to thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Staying connected to your body grounds your attention in the present moment—away from past regret or future worry. Ask yourself: “Do I spend most of the day in my head—obsessing, rehearsing, planning, worrying, or caught in random erratic thoughts, or in body awareness—grounded in the here and now?”

When you’re walking, feel the connection of your feet on the ground. When you’re sitting, notice the felt sensations of your body on the furniture. When you’re lying, take in the feel tone of your whole body being held by the bed. As you feel the contact between your body and the environment in the everyday acts of walking, sitting, and lying, tune into whatever quality arises, such as calmness or confidence. Invite this quality to soak in.

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