On Judgement Haiku

On Judgement Haiku

  • November 2, 2015

Like this. Don’t like this.
Looking without noticing.
Take off the lens. See.
-Janetti Marotta

This post is part of my Haiku series. If you haven’t already, please read my “Introduction to Haiku” post.

Short practice:
Notice when you’re judging experience. This comes in the form of evaluating whether you’re wanting what you want or not wanting what you don’t want. Listen for could’ves, would’ves, should’ves—If only this, if only that. Clinging, avoiding, or delusion (hiding your head in the sand) make up the energy of judging. Neutralize your attention by being awake and aware of what’s happening. Observe without judgment.

“See through the lens of non-judgment.”
-Janetti Marotta

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