Storyline Haiku

Storyline Haiku

  • November 9, 2015

Shirts, pants, sheets, and socks.
Narratives strung on the line.
Leave them out to dry.
-Janetti Marotta

This post is part of my Haiku series. If you haven’t already, please read my “Introduction to Haiku” post.

Short practice:
Too often do we live our life through narrative—stories we tell about ourselves and what’s happening that aren’t even true. Whenever you notice this fictitious force at bay, recognize it for what it is, fiction, then return to what is actually occurring. When you’re washing dishes, sense the sudsy water on your hands, the food dissolving off the plate; when you’re driving, keep your attention on where you are, feel your hands on the steering wheel…

“Don’t believe in fiction.”
-Janetti Marotta

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