• February 17, 2014

Patience is the understanding that some situations unfold in their own time, outside of your control. When you accept each moment in its fullness, you let go of your defensive shield. You can meet yourself in your completeness and open to life’s unfolding nature. In this way, you come to know the effortlessness and wisdom of patience.

–Janetti Marotta in 50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem

Questors of the Desert

How I love
Each of you.

Your devout courage to find yourself.
Your sincere yearning to know yourself.
Your raw passion to embrace yourself.

Naked and hungry
Questors of the Desert.
When the stomachs growled and the wind howled
Did you hear her talking?
When the stars twinkled bright and the moon shone big
Did you see her dancing?
When the flowers painted red and the birds glided in the wind
Did you feel her loving?

You have left your separate self behind and now return
With the bird in your hand
The flower in your heart
The wind in your spirit
The moon in your bosom and
The stars in your eyes.

Now when your stomach speaks
It is the purr of the distant mountain lion
Who resides within.

Listen to what he says
For when he growls, he beckons the return.

To find yourself,
To know yourself,
To embrace yourself,
In the oneness
Of the universe.

–Janetti Marotta

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