Mindful Noting: Patience

Mindful Noting: Patience

  • February 19, 2014

When you cultivate the qualities for mindful self-esteem, you plant the seed of patience. Start by recognizing when impatience is occurring.  Get to know it.  Pay attention to how you’re holding impatience in your body such as fidgeting, tensing your shoulders, or clenching your jaw; if you’re thinking you should be doing something different or being different in some way which causes you to plan or rehearse; and if there’s an emotional undercurrent of irritation, anger, boredom, or resentment.

Next notice when patience is occurring and get to know it.  Pay attention to how you’re holding patience in your body such as having a steady, relaxed but alert posture; if your thinking is non-reactive to the situation; and if this leads to a feeling of effortlessness.   Allow the wholesomeness of patience to pervade so you are inclined to return to this state.

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