• October 17, 2016

Similar to yoga, qigong is another mindful movement practice. Qigong literally means “the cultivation of energy or life force.” Qigong recognizes the universe as made of energy and focuses on this energy, both inside and outside the body. As your practice of qigong deepens, your sense of your body shifts from the feeling that your body is solid to the feeling that it’s an “energy field”: a continuous flow of sensations. This loosens the hold of a fixed sense of self; a certain state you may be looking to hold on to that’s locked in place and time. In qigong, you tap into the infinite source of energy and feel a sense of spaciousness and “self in process.” Moving with a sense of fullness rather than scarcity invites feelings of unworthiness to disperse and feelings of wholeness to awaken.(Marotta 2014, 50).

Ask yourself: “Do I reside in a state of scarcity or abundance?” To help support wholesome energy, sense when feelings of positivity arise.

Try this qigong movement called Chi Ball. Begin by standing in Mountain Pose—tall and rooted to the earth with knees slightly bent and arms to the side.
1. Rub your palms together rapidly, accumulating energy in the form of heat.
2. When sufficiently hot, slowly spread your palms apart as far as the felt field of energy, holding on to the ball of energy or Chi Ball.
3. Slowly turn the Chi Ball out in front of you, so your right hand is on top and your left hand is on bottom, with your weight shifting onto your right foot as you move toward the right.
4. Slowly turn the Chi Ball so your left hand is on the top and your right hand is on the bottom, with your weight shifting onto your left foot as you move toward the left.
5. Continue to turn the Chi Ball from right to left in the shape of infinity or a sideways number 8.
6. After several completed moves stand in Mountain Pose holding on to the sides of the Chi Ball. Slowly spread your palms so the Chi Ball floats to the sky and you feel particles of energy drifting down permeating your body.

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