• February 24, 2014

Trust as self-reliance means trusting yourself and your feelings rather than looking outside yourself for what’s true. It means honoring and taking full personal responsibility for your feelings and intuitions and having the willingness to make mistakes along the way. It means believing in your inner wisdom. When you operate from a place of trust, your understanding of yourself comes from your own direct experience rather than through concepts or constructs as taught by others.

–Janetti Marotta in 50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem

It is So

If the Serengeti is the Maasai word
For endless plain,
Which it is,
You could see to the end of the world
And beyond.

If the sunset over the savanna glows
In hues of gold, pink, orange, and violet,
Which it does,
It would paint a ceiling over the earth
From a palette of luminosity.

If the baobab trees dotted the landscape
As sentinels of wisdom,
Which they do,
The valley of the Tarangire River would speak,
And the plants and animals would listen.

If Maasai wealth is measured in
The number of cows in your herd,
Which it is,
They would be rightful heirs
To cows everywhere,
Now and forever.

If the understanding of human evolution
Was born in the Oldupai Gorge,
Which it was,
We would join hands in a
Common tie to our one mother.

If you see the leopard in the tree
And the zebra on the savanna,
Which you could,
You would view the balance of life
As a symphony at play.

If there’s a country Tanzania
And the language Kiswahili,
Which there is,
Asanti would mean thank you for having us,
And thank you for coming.
If the meaning of the word safari is journey,
Which it is,
It’s a rite of passage
From speaking the language of words
To hearing the sounds of kindness.

Yes it is.
It is so.

–Janetti Marotta

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