Being With What Is

Being With What Is

  • December 9, 2013

Infertility represents a life-crisis, and typically experienced as the most stressful event yet encountered. Above all, we know that infertility is stressful and all consuming. The stress of infertility impacts the most important areas of your life: your relationships, your career, your finances, even your sense of self. We assume we can have children when we choose to, that procreation is a birthright. When infertility challenges this assumption, the inability to father a child or become pregnant can seem to define who you are.

Through observing the mind without judgment, you become able to steer towards the discomfort, rather than run, hide or cling to it. Merely acknowledging what is here opens space in your hearts to trust. If you can learn to be comfortable with this challenge, infertility doesn’t necessarily go away, but you start relating to it differently. As you see what is happening as it unfolds without judging it, it is not the problem you once thought it was. You’ve loosened the grip. You are not defective, because infertility does not define who you are. There is rather the challenge of fertility that can be met and worked with. Not only does your relationship to the issue change, you do. In the process, without trying, you become transformed.

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