Taking Seat

Taking Seat

  • October 3, 2016

When you take your seat to meditate, you ground yourself in the present moment and establish your presence. You summon your body to take you into moment-to-moment awareness and be open and receptive to what’s here. You call upon your body to sit erect, balanced, and relaxed but alert so it can usher your mind to be steady, even, awake, and calm.(Marotta 2014, 41).

Because posture embodies your attitude, training yourself to establish presence in meditation encourages taking this same embodied self-esteem presence with you as you go about your day. Ask yourself: “What attitude does my posture embody on my meditation pillow?” “As I walk, sit, stand, lie down, or move about, can I invite this same presence into my day?”

Take your seat to meditate. Sit with an erect spine, with legs evenly crossed and your buttocks on the edge of a pillow or your feet flat on the floor if you’re sitting in a chair. Place your hands on your lap, palms up in a receptive position or palms down in a grounded position. Gently close your eyes. Slightly raise the corners of your mouth into a half smile. This lifts the heart and lightens the spirit. Tune into the quality that emanates from this relaxed, alert, present-moment position.

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